Victoria Day once took place on 24th May. The date is that of Queen Victoria’s birthday. Now Victoria Day eventuates on the first Monday that occurs immediately before 25th of May, going backward in time. It also now symbolizes Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday.

In Scotland, it is also considered to be at the same time; however, it is not necessarily a universal holiday. Nonetheless, the role that Queen Victoria played in Scotland is recognized on this occasion.

In 1840s, the parliaments of the Upper & Lower Canada became one legislative assembly. This assembly wanted to put the differences of both the English & French Canadians aside. They settled on Queen Victoria’s birthday. Later that decade, the legislative assembly made Queen Victoria’s birthday a public holiday. It was no longer a military occasion only.

Queen Victoria passed away in 1901. Her son, Edward VI took the throne. Consequently, Victoria Day became a public holiday on May 24th

In certain other parts around the globe, however, 24th May was rejoiced as “Empire Day.” Canada, however, has decided to respectfully label Queen Victoria as “Mother of Confederation.”  She was someone who promoted self-rule & coalescence.

Victoria Day is a time to remember past & present royalty. This existence of royalty is what distinguished USA from Canada in the past. Canada was faithful to royalty. Victoria Day is, as the name suggests, a day to value at least some of Queen Victoria’s accomplishments.

From 1910 till 1953, all of royalty’s birthdays were not celebrated on the same day as Victoria Day. Victoria Day was exclusively there out of respect for Queen Victoria’s commendable role in the Confederation. Since around the mid-50’s, both Queen Elizabeth II’s & Queen Victoria’s birthday are commemorated on the same day. 

Since the 19th century, Victoria Day has also been considered as the uncorroborated inauguration of the spring & warm weather. To celebrate Victoria Day, there are processions & other outdoor events. Due to the outdoor theme, this long weekend is also termed “May long weekend” & “Victoria Day long weekend,” “May 24,” “24th of May” & “May Two-Four.”

As Victoria Day is now considered to be a long weekend for some, we can take this period to cherish our families as well as historical & current royalty. We can spend time with our children, esp. by engaging in outdoor activities. We can hold family & family friends’ congregation also. Like many holidays, we can travel during the course of the long weekend. It is definitely a time to treasure royalty & family.