Mother’s Day is there to appreciate & acknowledge all that mothers do. It falls on the second Sunday in the month of May in Canada. Yet, in other parts of the world, it takes place on other days. For example, in Bolivia, it is on a fixed day (May 27th). It is there to serve as a reminder of the battle in which the females stood up for their country & took part to protect their offspring.

In Bhutan, the concept of Mother’s Day was initiated by its Tourism Council. It falls on May 8th . In the Arab tradition, Mother’s Day falls on a fixed day (March 21st). 

Anna Jarvis started Mother’s Day in the twentieth century in the United States. She is known for having organized an occasion for her late mother in a church in West Virginia in 1905. She believed that a mother was the most accomplished with you. Mother’s Day, however, was first recognized a few years later.

Daycare & school children draw art work for their mothers. Some are taught to cook or bake for them. Mother’s Day is one of the occasions that florists deal with. Usually, a variety of gifts are given. Among other things, this variety includes: plants; jewelry; books; candles; beauty products. A card usually accompanies the gift.

Mother’s Day is a day to remember the importance of a good healthy relationship with one’s mother esp. since infancy. For a child or teenager, mothers provide a cloud of security. For a child, they direct them to the right path. For a teenager, in some cases, they need to be persistently there for them, even though the teenager might not be exhibiting inviting qualities.

Research shows that when there is a strong skeletal structure between family & child, esp. with the mother, problems such as drug or alcohol rates are low. A good relationship helps the child feel good about themselves, have positive traits, & be a good student. Through a strong relationship, they can also communicate & deal effectively with their feelings & problems, such as the common peer pressure to do wrong things.

In the daily hustle bustle of life, it is easy to forget about & show appreciation for an important figure, such as our mother. Mother’s Day facilitates this by having an annual day just to celebrate her. By concentrating on pampering her or giving nice gifts, we can show our gratitude. It is also a day to remind ourselves that if we need her, she is there for us & that her love is unconditional. It is a time to marvel the backbone that she provides & how much of a positive effect this can have in our lives.