Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus. Other names for Easter are Pascha or Resurrection Sunday. There are forty days of fasting before it, an occasion also known as Lent. Lent is composed of fasting & prayer, among other acts. Some give up one thing for this period of time, such as an item of food.  

To commemorate Jesus on the cross, there is Good Friday; His resurrection is memorialized into Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday is the first Sunday following Good Friday. Easter Monday follows Easter Sunday & is a public holiday in several countries.

During Easter, there are church services, including those at night & in daylight. There is food specific to Easter, such as hot cross buns.

In some churches, there are flowers on Easter Day. These represent a fresh start to another life.

In others, on the eve of Easter, candles are lit in the dark all around them. When the candle is ignited, the Priest summons “Christ is Risen” & the crowd there says: “He is Risen indeed.”

These candles serve the belief that Jesus brightened the world. His resurrection meant that the devilish aura that existed was now absent.

One of the most common or popular celebrations, however, is related to the Easter egg. The egg signifies both Jesus being on the cross & His resurrection. It is an old representation of a novel life & another nativity.

Usually, eggs were painted red to recall the red blood drops of Jesus when He was on the cross. The idea is also connected to the “empty tomb.” It is believed that the female followers of Jesus went to visit his burial site one morning & failed to find him there. 

Like Christmas, children lay out their containers at night, expecting them to be filled with treats from the Easter bunny by the morning. The most ancient custom is to fill them with coloured chicken eggs. The updated act is to fill them with embellished chocolate, or with plastic eggs having things in them.

Another popular practise is the Easter egg hunt. In it, some form of Easter eggs (real eggs or plastic) are hidden & the children usually set out to find all of them.

Ideas of Easter are also present in Judaism. 

It is a good time to remember Jesus: a time to start anew & be good. It is a time for all to unite & children to be included (in such events as Easter egg hunt).