Wherever you live, if you have a western European background, you might as well have been naturally in touch with Druidry.


In our spiritually deprived modern world, nothing can improve our lives and make us happier people than connecting back to our root cultures and traditions, especially if we can trace it back to Druidry.


This green, nature-loving, creative, down-to-earth path of spirituality and tradition is mostly involved with a libertarian approach to artistry, knowledge, and devotion to compassion. Based on the Celtic culture, this tradition symbolizes existence reaching its highest potential through three enlightening rays of 'nature', 'knowledge', and 'devotion'. The study of the natural book, myths, and the cultivation of a compassionate state of being. Druids, modern or ancient, are light-spirited, creative folks who have no belief in being separated from the common and having a selected inner core of secrecy, although they respect the privacy of their practices. They are open, welcoming, and easy-going. They happily participate in society by accepting roles that fit them. Druids, Vates, and Bards were the three especially honored groups of people amongst Gauls (the Celtic tribes inhabiting western Europe), Druids practice natural and moral philosophies, Bards sang and wrote poetry, while Vates studied nature. These people dress and behave like ordinary men, yet in a ceremonial setting, the Bards were in blue robes, while the vates wore green, and the Druids dressed in a white robe.

Looking into this ancient practice of esoteric connection can bring us back to a space of familiarity with our natural locality and pave the way for us to regain the synchronizations with the bigger and smaller cycles of mother Earth.

Druid practice can be easily integrated into our daily modern lives, even if we live a nine to five lifestyle we can still get some benefits from taking a couple of minutes every day to mindfully explore the druid way.

Paying more attention to natural cycles;

It is said that the veil between the worlds is thinner when the sun rises and sets, when the moon is full or new when spring begins, or autumn comes to an end. Simply taking the time and attention needed to be more mindful of natural ways that time works through the living earth can open our eyes and minds to a more in tune lifestyle with more spiritual fulfillment that comes from a space of reconnecting to our cultural backbones.


Taking mindful walks in nature with fresh eyes;

Taking the time to pay attention to our natural surroundings uninfluenced by our daily rush can open our mind’s eye to the things we weren’t even noticing on the walks that we have walked through well over a hundred times. We can start to realize how every tree has its unique characteristics, or where that funny-shaped rock is. This practice easily brings us to a more grounded space and a lighter spirit.

Consider reading the book “The Path of Druidry by Penny Billington” if you are interested in the deeper mythology of Druidry and a variety of practices that you can integrate into your daily life. Taking the time to go back to our ancestral history to improve our present lives is time well spent!